Photography by Peter Thornton

About Tanya

Who am I?  My name is Tanya Ponce and I'm an avid photographer and foodie. I love to travel and enjoy hearing and telling a good story. Everyone asks where am I from. I tell them I'm a California girl with New Mexico roots. My heritage is Cuban, Italian, and English.

I've worked in advertising and marketing for the past 18 years. Currently working on the client side while keeping up with my blog. I'm a creative person, father is an avid self-taught artist and mom is finally exploring her artistic ways during her retirement.

I've lived my life on the road, well back and forth between California and New Mexico. So getting in the car for a road trip is second nature and something I love. I'm not afraid to fly, but you do miss so much not being on the ground traveling through all those special unique towns and abandoned buildings.

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The foodie part of me I love to try new places. Los Angeles is becoming quite the food scene. My favorite meals are small plates and pastries. Oh and I LOVE coffee and coffee shops. I keeps lists of places I want to go and because the traffic is a nightmare in LA I group them together and do a few in one day. I bake more when it's cold and experiment more with recipe's when it's warm. I'm a seasonal gal, what can I say.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as I work to put effort into the content I share both from a photography perspective and a creative level.